what is needed to put no. plate on wr 400 99

It really depends on where, what State, you live in. If you'd identify where you live you will get better information.

Good Luck!

You're talking num plate for racing (eg MX), right?

Not a street license plate for dual sporting..

yes I mean a front MX number plate

I just put a number plate on my 99 last night. Here's what I did:

1) Got a '00 plate

2) Remove headlight and all mounting brackets

3) Remove odometer

4) Cut the two plastic posts on the bottom of the plate off

5) Drilled holes near where the posts were for 5 mm bolts to go through.

6) Ran two long 5 mm bolts up through the holes that the black head light mounting bracket was supported with (these bolts will go through the holes drilled in step 3).

7) Fab up a small bracket for the top mount. Someone else on this board suggested using a long 8 mm bolt and one of the side brackets that supports the headlight to the fork pinch bolts. The two untapped holes in this side bracket provide the right amount of offset for the numberplate mount and the mount for the odometer.

Hope this is clear.

Of course another way to go (but a bit more expensive) is buy a top triple clamp for a 99 YZ400.

Sounds like another good reason to buy more cool bike stuff! :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

I want to put a number plate on my 99 wr400, other than the number plate what else do I need..

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