Michelin Startcross HP4? Now I am confused????

Anyone tried the New Michelin Startcross HP4? Any feedback would be appreciated. I ride hardpack but also hit tracks that are loamy dirt mixed with mulch in PA I'm wondering if these tries would still work well in both conditions? I know the tire is made for hard pack blue groove. I don’t race and I’m just a weekend rider and new to the sport only been riding 1 year. I am putting this on the rear of a 2005 yz450F.

I went to the cycle shop to buy a Michelin MH3 or a bridgestone M401 but the guy there is telling me this tire is a excellent replacment for a MH3 and will work great in all conditions if not better then the MH3 due to it being Michelins lastest tire technology. Needless to say he confused me more.:thumbsup: I did a search on here and cant find any post on the hp4.

HP3 specs

The StarCross HP3 is Motocross racing tire for hardest terrain.Launches hard off concrete starting gates

Designed to hook up in the hardest of conditions.

Staggered Shoulder Knobs chisel into soft loam for superb cornering traction at lean angles from moderate to extreme.

Resists Tearing and Chunking even on concrete starts with reinforced center knobs for maximum forward drive.

Treadwear Indicator clearly shows when it's time to reverse the tire on the rim: When the "M" disappears the the tire can be turned around providing a new set of gripping edges.

Super Stiff Sidewalls for high-impact shock absorption on landings.

Flexible Tread minimizes rebound on rough tracks and helps keep the tire in contact with the ground for better steering, braking and acceleration.

Racing Specific Design: The rubber mix, casing and tread patterns of the StarCross tires have been developed expressly new for racing use. Winning on the track is the primary mission of the StarCross series with less emphasis on durability than the Michelin Cross 12 series.

if you are in more loam than hardpack - better choice is the Starcross MS3


I was on here looking for the same info. I use the MH3 on my 450 and if you want a tire that last forever thats the one. The rear tire is one of the best tires I have ever used. The front tire is not to my liking but im sure its because the 06 yz450f doesnt turn that well. The wide 90/100-21 front HP4 tire (as opposed to the typical 80/100-21 size) provides a larger contact patch that enhances predictability in blue groove conditions. The taller, wider front casing also provides greater air volume for soaking up hard landings and big jumps. Thsi sounds like it should help my yz450f corner better. I like to jump too. LOL

I was going to try the new Hp4 upfront. Its wider and designed for blue groove tracks and I ride mostly hard pack here.

But get that MH3 rear if you can find one and if your on a bike that corners good the front should be just fine. These tires LAST FOREVER.. They were on backorder due to some problems with Michelin switching factories overseas.

I had the MH3 when I lived in Florida and had it for about 6 months and it was perfect.

MH3 - Hard to think there is a better rear tire


HP4 - I am going to try this wider hard pack tire on the front


Anyone use the HP4 on the front yet?

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