Rekluse adjusting???

Here is the scoop: i bought a bike at auction that started, but you couldn't run through the gears because it was missing the clutch lever. I replaced the lever and it felt that there were no compression spring engaging the clutch, just the little spring on the arm was the only thing that I felt was pulling the cable to the return position. I was mystified and assumed that the clutch plates and springs needed replacing. After removing the clutch cover I realized that the clutch was a Rekluse. My question now is how the hell do they work and how do you adjust them? Thanks for the help

Have you done a search or been to the Rekluse website yet? The best source is their site and they have downloadable manuals, etc...SC

If it doesn't have the purch adjuster installed then the small spring should be attached to a threaded adjuster with two nuts locking it in place.

I'd download the manual from the Rekluse website and read the install instructions so you can get good idea of how its set up and call them if needed. Their tech support has been pretty good over the years.

Must have been strange not knowing a Rekluse was installed.:thumbsup:

Good thing you didn't rev it in gear while sitting still.

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