Dubach rad kit

Anyone try installing this on a 2006 or 2007 with the stock head pipe? I was thinking of trying, as long as I didnt have to get exhaust with it. Wondering if anyone else tried this, and how they made out. I assume you could move the rads a little more forward as well as down with this kit to keep from touching head pipe. Any feed back would be great.

I installed the lowering kit on my '06 YZ 450F. I was able to extend the left radiator fully, and the right one down and forward about 3/4". I put heat tape on the bottom of the radiator where it nearly touches the head pipe. It's got about 1/8" clearance or slightly less, but I have not experienced any problems. Let me know if you can tell the difference with and without the lowering kit. It's not a huge difference by any means, but an incremental improvement.

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