XR650L Dynojet stage 1 AND 55 slow???

Hey guys. Been using others questions on here for a long time to get my bike almost perfect...for the moment. But now i've got a queestion of my own. I'm running an '06 650 L with DJ kit- 165 main, needle in 3rd position, fuel screw 2 3/8, slide drilled, smog removed, airbox opened, Uni Filter,with a Q2 slip on. My plug shows my jetting is right on, but off idle and occasionally i still get a little hesitation. I know the Dynojet folks say a larger piot is not required with their needle..... But i'm wondering if going with the 55 pilot would help anything. Like i said , runs fine like it is, but would this be an improvment??? Thanks guys, JOn

Oh yea, i'm in alabama... So pretty close to sea lever, not excactly sure...

with that setup at that ele., you need at least the 55. i would say use a 58. i was using that kit, drilled slide and 160/55 at 4300 ft. 165/58 would prob. be my choice for your setup.

YES! I put the DJ kit in and had the same problem. I have the same set-up as you except a FMF Power Core 4. I had a flat spot right off idle, so I drilled the slide and put a 55 pilot jet in and the thing runs much better. I have a 58 pilot on the way to try that also. So, I say yes on the 55.

+1 on drilling the slide with the djet kit

im running a 58 so id say you might like it instead of the 55

Where do you guys order your jets from?

get from local shops, they usually have what you need. plus, you dont have to wait for shipping. that is, if you have any decent shops around. other wise check the TT store or dare i say, bikebandit.

You should have a local shop that has the mains the pilots are so widely used that any shop that has jets should have them.

I had a hell of a time finding the 26 series 55 pilot jet. I ended up ordering it from here http://www.carbparts.com/index.html. All the shops here in po-dunk Ohio didn't have a clue. They said to bring the jet in to see if they had anything that would work. So, I ordered the right one. You want a 26 series pilot jet.

There are three Honda shops within easy riding distance of me, two of them are big dealerships. Nobody stocks the jets I need. I am getting my pipe tomorrow, I already have the dyno jet kit but I want to use a bigger pilot jet to try and get rid of a small low speed bog. I will ask for a 26 series jet and try again but they seem less than helpful. So far I have bought everything for my bike on line because their attitude is kind of crappy and they don't stock anything anyway.

i have the same set up on my xr650r

165 main, needle in 3rd position, fuel screw 2 3/8, slide drilled, smog removed, airbox opened, Uni Filter,with fmf Q2 full sistem

i like to now if i am to lean ?

i ride on san felipe mexico sea level

40 c

80% humidity uff its hot :thumbsup:

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