battery delete/total loss ignition troubleshooting

83 XL600R; previous owner has cobbled up some sort of mod such that there's no battery in the bike.

bike worked for a while and now no longer starts. doesn't seem to be getting any spark. when the bike was running the idiot lights would flicker (oil, etc) but now nothing. thinking either a main fuse has gone or something has come apart with the battery delete wiring.

what should the battery delete circuit look like? what fuses should i check, etc?

i'm a noob idiot - thanks in advance for patience. tried the search feature to no avail.


As far as I know the XL600 is a magneto style ignition. The battery is only for the lighting, it does nothing for the ignition. Usually all you need to do is pull the battery. You can add a "battery eliminator" to make the lighting better at idle. It is just an electrolytic capacitor.

The first thing to do is check that all the wire connections are good. The only components in the ignition are the stator, the CDI box, the coil, and the kill switch/key switch. The most likely failure is a wire connection, the kill switch, ignition switch, or the stator.

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