Replacing Chain - Which One

after 3000 + miles on my chain its time to question is which brand to use? i know i want an o-ring chain and i know it needs to meet a cc rating of 450+... but again what brands. thanks






I'm sure any of their o-ring chains are up to the task of handling the power this brute puts out. I wonder what model chain the OEM D.I.D is?

RK xso last so long you will only change it because you get tired of looking at it. Not because it is worn or stretched out.

I've always been told to replace sprockets and chain together :thumbsup: or at least the front because it spins over three times faster than the rear. O-ring chains are a way better value for off road trail riding. Just dont go crazy spending a lot of money. Primary drive makes a pretty good o-ring chain that is a great price. You can buy chains twice the price but they wont last any longer.

You should really replace chain and sprokets all together. One tends to wear the other. You want them to all wear together. At least that is the convential wisdom. I always replace all three myself so I don't really know what happens if you don't.

i know to replace sprockets however im talking strictly chains

I have a DID 520VM x-ring chain that is standing up the abuse I put to it.

i have a moose chain on mine right now. it's been great.

i'm sure it's been subcontracted from another major brand, and stamped with the moose logo.

i agree w/ solowr DID VM xring

DID ATV VM xring, slightly thicker side plates, cheaper price than VM xring for no apparent reason.

Excellent life.

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