WR450 okay in the tight single track found in the NW?

would you guys Dual sport your 2t? I think he said he wanted a dual sport wr.

Nope, I wouldn't dual sport a 2T, I also wouldn't spend a lot of time riding a dual sport 4T in tight, technical stuff either. Right tool for the right job and all. :thumbsup:

As much as I love Yamaha's, the older ones are just too big feeling for me after my light little 250 2 stroke.

I test rode the CRF250X and flat loved it. Power is pretty mellow but there's plenty for the riding I'm going to do. I can leave it stock, and ride it and stay on top of the valves with out wanting to pay for lowering the suspension.

I have a red bike the garage and couldn't be happier about it. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the great responses guys, the feedback actually helped alot.

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