will the 01 yz426f clutch fit in the 00 426 basket ?

i was wondering :thumbsup: if anyone knows if the the 01 426 clutch can be used with the 00 426 basket and presure plate

i know:prof: my 00 has 9 plates and the 01 has 8...dont know if it makes that much difference

any info you be greatly appreciated?:ride:



i was wondering why it was soo touchy...i thought it was just going out again...:ride: it had been ridin hard and put away soaked before i got it...i just assumed it needed to be replaced...but when i tore it apart:excuseme: ... the frictions all seemed well within tolerence's :thumbsup: brand recomendations:excuseme: i have been hearing bad things about the ebc and even the hinson....but i think the hinson slipper is out of the price range for now but i do need a new clutch she is slipping now.....too many drags with the friends a couple of weeks ago

I have a full Hinson in the '03, and I have never owned or ridden a better motorcycle clutch in all my life. That's what I have to say about them.

hinson you mean basket hub presure plate as well as frictions and steels correct

but the cost is sooo close to the slipper..the slipper is probally a better deal

Not if you don't like slippers, it's not. Besides, the clutch would work as well (at least for a while) with a stock boss, and at $45 each, or so, they can be changed out whenever it's needed. The key parts are the rest of them; the basket, pressure plate, plate set, and to a lesser degree, the springs.

yea i have always like hinson...i had one in a bike i purchased and sold years ago, but it was half gone upon arrival...ut it did feel better then the clutch in my race bike after the 6 hr endurance race at glen helen with two riders...thanks man im gettin a hinson...im not big on the slipper either...id rather use my clutch more

thanks again

Slippers, like the Hinson slipper, and auto-clutches like the Rekluse are two different things. The Rekluse takes care of feathering in the clutch on take off and at low rpm. It has no effect on engine braking.

The slipper, OTOH, is manual as to engagement and disengagement, but is made to slip to an adjustable degree when the torque is reversed, which reduces engine braking or eliminates it completely. There are often referred to as "back torque limiting" clutches.

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