rekluse z start or the hinson slipper?

ok i am still abit skeptical about this:crazy: ....anyone out there have good opinions about these...i know the older model rekluse was not as great as it was stated to be.:ride:

anyone used it at the dunes.....hows it work

im in favor of the slipper:thumbsup: ...i like to have the choice of engine breaking....if i wanted an auto i would have bought a rhino:thumbsdn: just fishing for opinions and such :thumbsup:

any info would be great


I have the Rekluse and love it. Great in the dunes, track, and tight stuff. I'm a crappy rider as it it so not having to mess with a clutch is a big help. Mine went right in and was ready to ride in about an hour. I notice it the most in tight stuff where people are stalling out. I just putt right past them and the clutch does all the hard stuff for me.

Haven't had the Hinson but I did have their clutch basket in a Banshee and it worked fine.

The Rekluse (all generations) are fine automatic clutches. They do totally different things. Do you want to eliminate stalling or do you want less engine braking. You get plenty of engine braking with the Rekluse if desired. I wouldnt think you need either in the dunes. Funny how people are so resistant to the idea of an auto. They do seem to have taken off in cars quite well and even the Ferrari's (a pretty respected sportscar) are just electronically controlled standards but there is no clutch pedal. Whether you like them or not, you will still get spanked by a few of them.

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