wr vs yz crank

ok i did some searching and i did find this thread:applause: ....but no one answered or no one knew:excuseme:

yz 426f part #5jg-11400-00-00

wr 426f part#5jg-11400-10-00

whats the difference....the wr is cheaper.....is there a weight difference heavy wr vs light yz.......all the parts fit each other.....i cant see or figure the difference....:thumbsup:

does anyone know or can anyone else find out.......just wondering...but the part number is worth ordering...to save a couple bucks......

thanks for any info guy:worthy:

The 5JG-11400-10-00 is listed as fitting both 2001 YZ426 and WR426 models. It's a significant revision of the 5JG-11400-00-00, the difference being that the ..10-00 is the newer one with splines for the balancer gear. If you have a 2000 YZ426, it's a worthwhile upgrade, but you'll also need the revised gear from the '01 (5JG-11536-00-00)

well thanks a lot man youve been extreely informitive today......sorry i ask a lot..i just want knowledge...and tons of it....so thanks for helping to make me smarter

you remind me of my moms ex bf jeff that owns thousand oak yamaha kawi...he was an "encyclapediabrayamaica" too

thanks again

He is always informative!

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