time for a valve adjustment

quick question for you guys. checked my valves last night and the exhaust are a little on the tight side. .006" and the intakes were a .003 to a snug .004. this will be my first ever valve adjustment and after going to the stealership they werent able to tell me what shims i need. said i need to see what is in there already. I was wondering what they come with stock? They printed off the chart in the manual at the stealership but that pretty much tells me i need to know what number is in there already. The reason i want to know is because i dont want to make a multiple day project out of this. I'm not always home from work when they close so if i rip it apart to find out what numbers are in there it could be a week before i can make it to the dealer!

You have to look to see what you have! Then you will have to do the math to figure out which shims you need. Easier to buy a Hot Cams shim kit, that way you will have all you need. If I call the stealership here in Houston (any of them), they tell me they dont have any shims. I always wonder how they are in business. 5th largest city in the nation and 2nd largest state in off road cycle sales and no dealership stocks anything. Buy the kit and dont be too intimidated, just take your time. Btw the factory uses shims that wont be available to you. You will see numbers on the shims not on the charts.

The reason i want to know is because i dont want to make a multiple day project out of this.
You can avoid that only by spending upwards of $100 on a kit full of a whole bunch of shims you will never need.

Your best bet is to start in the morning, determine what shims you need, and go to a shop that sells Hondas. They will more than likely have the shims you need (for a CRF450, 9.48mm diameter), and you'll be able to finish up the same day.

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