Kicker wear after footpeg lowering mod.

I did the footpeg mod a couple of months ago on my 01 WR where you cut the boss off of the peg and move it to the top. The right footpeg is also the kicker stop, and now has moved the point of contact on the kicker. It now hits a place higher on the kicker and not on the wear area. It is starting to wear my kicker rapidly. Do you guys have any ideas what I can do to slow or stop this.


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Yeah I have exactly the same question. I thought about welding something to the footpeg so the sharp edge doesnt contact the kicker...its already making a pretty big cut in there after 3 weeks. If I dont do something soon I'm gonna end up with half a kicker on the floor in few weeks! Any suggestions more then welcome.

I reckon you could do a couple of things.

1. Drill and tap a small hole for a screw to be inserted right at that point where it hits. The screw (or bolt) would be locktited in, and could be replaced if needed.

2. Wrap something around it, like a S/Steel hoseclamp or such, perhap with a layer of rubber (old innner tube etc) under it to help conform to the shape of the starter.



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i've heard about this mod, but never seen it. any pictures?


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