output shaft oil seal problems

hey guys just after some assistance i had a leaky output shaft seal so i went to replace it and thought id do the right thing and pull the collar off and replace the oring but i cant remove the collar any ideas??

(the seal is already out) 2006 YZF

Use a center punch in the center drilling hole in the end of the shaft and a hammer to tap the shaft fairly gently straight inward. This will slide the shaft back in the bearings 2-3mm and break the collar free. Then, pull the shaft back toward you, put the trans in gear, and grab the collar at right angles to the shaft with a pair of pliers. Rotate it on the shaft and pull outward.

Make sure you chain isn't too tight when you put it back together. If it is even marginally tight it will cause this seal to leak. A properly adjusted chain on these bikes looks WAY loose. Be sure to measure...

If chain tension produces a leak at the output shaft, the OS bearing is way beyond usable.

Excessive chain tension may break your hub, the chain itself, or even the crankcase, but it won't cause a leak.

thanks guys ill give it a shot

thanks gray worked a treat

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