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yesterday I greased up the steering-head bearings - something I had prepared for by reading the manual, asking friends and also prepareing mentally for anything that might go wrong.

It was a whole lot easier than I thought it to be! :D The only thing was loosening the big nut holding down the top clamp, it is locktighted - but some brute force (i.e hammer) fixed it :D . After that it was easy peasy. I then greased the bearings and shaft up good, and I mean goooood but not overdoing it. Reassembling, went fine, put the forks back and presto - finished. :D

Next on schedule is the swing and linkage - but not this week as I will be working extra tonight, go giftshopping tomorrow, giving gifts to wife on birthday on Thursday, preparing my daughters Christioning (hmmm, spelling?) on Friday and then the Christioning on Saturday and the following reception. Maybe on Sunday, but probably not until Monday, earliest.

After the lube job is done, I will put on my new Ranthals and adjust them to my liking. I have hight-increasing blocks and I have to do a little trial and error to see if they are needed or not.

When the Renthals are mounted I will do some brackets for moving the headlights about and inch forward. This is so that I will have room for my Garmin II+ GPS unit. I will conjure up some sort of attachement plate for it. Also I will mount my new VDO bicyclecomputer (I couldnt afford the Panoram). A friend knows how to build a really cheap road-book holder, so that is on the charts as well.

So much to do and so little time to do it in. I have to be finished by the 5:th of April as the first "race" starts on the 6:th - but there is always the "god ole all-nighter" to fall back on.

Do hope that I get some driving in before then :) .


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