Motor Oil usage in XR650R

2004 XR650R with at least 3,000 miles I figure (I purchased it used). Uncorked, Pro-circuit T4 exhaust. I've been doing a lot of wide-open riding on gravel roads which is about the closest training for Baja we have in Iowa. The oil level will be down about halfway between high and low mark after about 200 miles of riding. Also there is black residue on my rear fender by the exhaust which seems to me that I'm burning some oil. Like I said above, I'm riding it WFO, so I wondered if some oil burning is normal, or if I should go ahead and disassemble to replace rings, etc. FYI - I'm checking the oil after the engine is warmed up (5 mins of idling). Thanks!

They will burn oil....especially at wide open. Just keep it changed and from getting black from piston ring blow-by by changing it often.

Its probably your rings and your valve seals. Nothing big, put oil in and keep riding.

Put some 20w50 synthetic in it. Might slow the burn off down.

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