Is this normal???

So I went ahead and redid my fork seals, relubed all the linkage bearings and basically performed a complete service on my YZ450. Because I did this, I wanted to get reacquainted with the suspension's adjustments (with the revived greasing, lose of stiction and such) so I did what I normally do with any bike that has adjustable suspension which is (and in this order):

2 laps on each set up:

1. All settings at minimum (0)

2. Front compression to full hard, everything else at 0

3. Front compression back to 0, front rebound to full hard, everything else at 0

4. Front rebound back to 0, Rear LS compression to full hard, everything else at 0

5. Rear LS compression back to 0, Rear HS compression to full hard, everything else at 0

6. Rear HS compression back to 0, Rear rebound to full hard, everything else at 0

7-18 - I do it again but with everything at midway except one thing at first will be at maximum and then for the second set (13-18) everything to minimum.

What this procedure allows me to understand is how things feel throughout the suspension adjustment range. I guess now that I have typed all of this, it can be used by others to experiment with, but anyway, my real question is this. I have completely stock suspension (springs, valving, etc.) minus my new fork fluid, which I don't think in this instance matters, but when I got to my rear rebound setting experiments, basically my bike was stuck in a lowered position. And I don't mean a slow rebound, I mean it didn't move until I forced it back up by lifting on the rear fender. Does the YZ's stock shock have that kind of power in the adjustment range, or do I need to look into a rebuild? I am posting this on the suspension forum as well, but I wanted to ask my Yamaha brethren about this, too.


If the shock on your '03 has never had an oil change, it could be time.

Agreed until shock is serviced you are not getting ideal setting/measurements = Fork and Shock should both be serviced at the same time

Also, what is your weight and riding ability

That doesn't sound right at all. Your shock should still return to the pre-compressed height regardless of the rebound setting.

In the suspension forum I was told otherwise, but I will be doing a service to it as well here shortly. Yes, I have done it before and am capable to do the work myself, I just haven't done it in about a year. The way it usually works out is every six months fork seals/fork fluid refresh and lubing of linkages and replacing bearing, and then once a year I would rebuild the shock. As far as weight and skill, I am 195, 6'3" (lean and fit) and am probably at a middle of the road skill level right now. Another thing is I didn't wait a whole lot of time but in the 30 or so seconds I did wait, the rear seemed to stay squatted. When I went around and rode it was just packing down the whole time but still was absorbing hits, albeit minimally. Can one of you guys with a stock shock go to the garage and write down you compression and rebound settings beforehand and try this out and see what happens?


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