XR600R/XR650L Frame Guards

....Im looking for a set now. Thanks for posting that

I was looking for them for a long time and couldn't find them but finally I found them at Chaparral Racing as shown in this thread.


got mine from Chaparral last week even though WC hasn't made them for a year or so. Fit great after I cut some holes and beat them with a hammer a little bit. I'd recommend some thin foam tape where it touches the frame.

Just ordered a set of pre 91 frame guards local 17$. I have an 89Xr600R and 04Xr650l. The R has them already. I figure I'll give it a shot. The one problem I already see is the side with the master, the other side looks ok. Ill melt it in place if I have too!!

Ordered a skid plate and it had the same PN as the 600's

Ordered a Front disk and fork guards. My CR guards fit but don't have the threaded hole like the 600R and 650L. Those were 85-89 covers and will see if they are exact.

do the 600 guards fit the L no problem?

I'll post pics. I may have them tomorrow!!

Sorry, but as far as I know, I got the last set from rmatv, on clearance, for $40.

Sorry, but as far as I know, I got the last set from rmatv, on clearance, for $40.

BASTARD!!!!! whats your home address?????

BASTARD!!!!! whats your home address?????

Let's see, your coming from SoCal, so go 700 miles north on I-15 until you get to Springville... wait a minute, why do you want my address?

Are you coming over to congratulate me on my find?

Or uh... hmmm.

Maybe I better not share that address after all.:crazy:

do the 600 guards fit the L no problem?

NO, but easy to mod since they're aluminum. You have to cut around the passenger peg holes to make them mount flush. I had to bend the bottom tab on the left side cover to make it fit right (that uses the chain tensioner bolt) - that was easy. Probably 1 hour total to do it right and sand the edges clean. 10 minutes if you like it to look like crap with calf slicing edges.

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