Handlebars Too Stiff

These darn pro-tapers I installed are sooooooooooooo stiff I end up with aching wrists after a ride. I did a little investigation and it looks like recent CR's from Honda have a "rubber mounted handlebar" in an effort to get over this problem, but I cant find a picture.

What I am really looking at is some rubber mounting plate to go inbetween the triple clamp and the bar mount....thats what I figure the CR's do......but do they work ? Do you end up with squishy steering? Whats the scoop ??

Rubber mounts are a whole different animal than regular mounts. The hole where the bar mounts attach to the triple clamp are bigger to allow rubber bushings to fit. Then the bar mount bolt goes through the bushings. I don't think just putting a rubber pad in between the bar mount and triple clamp will do much for you.

:D Missile, have you seen Boysen's "Flex-Grip", its supposed to reduce vibes and cut arm pump as well, it seems to be the grip itself which is rubber mounted(if that makes sense?!?!) :)

I noticed the same thing (too stiff) but I like the fact that they never bend when you wreck. So whos got the ticket for tough bars that can take a beating like the pro-tapers but damp vibrations better? I don't really want to go with rubber mounts as I already have an aftermarket clamp setup.

-are you really running pro tapers or the renthal twinwalls?

there is no way you should feel more vibration or harshness (is that a word?) with ANY handlebar that does not have a cross bar. they actually flex and act like shock absorbers. I know i used to ride a cr250. talk about harsh and vibration!!! but once i switched to a tag bar, things got bearable.

i think the problem stems from somewhere else. you really shouldn't need rubber mounted triple clamps on a YZ. a cr yes, but not a yz.

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