Hi i'm new (advice please)

hello folks.... when i got my wr450f it came with an akrapovic exhaust system in a box which i now want to fit to the bike. I have been told to go up on the main jet from the origional 160 to a 165 which is all good, but do i need to change anything else? Ive also been told to modify the top of the airbox to let more air in, is this a case of just drilling some big holes in the lid of the airbox?

Sorry for all the questions but ive only had the bike a couple of weeks and have a thrist for knowlege! any tips n tricks please let me know



Welcome! spend some time reading the stickys at the top of this forum then use the search option if you need more information. 90% of the time you will resolve issues by simply doing a search. Good luck.

The entire snorkel riser piece comes off, no drilling.

wow................ this site rules.........

Ive read all the stickies and faq's but still cant find anything that tells me what jets n stuff to do to run with the akrapovic system?

i want to put it on desperatly but dont want to damage anything as a result,




Read this:


Most bike in this data base have the free mods and some type of aftermarket exhaust pipe. Indy WR450 has a very extensive Jetting Database from which to start. Them you can make minor adjustments to suit your particular situation.

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