Xr's Only order

No process in place =- it changes every time (my experience too) and seems poorly if at all managed. I think the future is dim for them if they continue on this path - too many other places - with high zoot stuff, I alsot think they ride on the name of Al Baker and that is all.

When I bought my XR400 it had an XR's Only motor in it. After riding it for 3 years I decided to freshen the motor.They did a great job and got it back to me 2 days later than promised, but in time for me to put the bike back together for a Kennedy Meadows trip. I thought a 2 1/2 week turn around was not bad and the bike ran bitchen.

2 years later, last May the motor broke a rod( Hot Rod) and destroyed the motor. I called up Fredie (the owner) and told him I really liked the way they built the motor. I told him that I wanted them to do it again, but I had been hearing bad things about XR's Only on TT. Fredie told me the rod should not have broken and he would stand behind it.

I bought a motor from a TT member and toke both to XR's. Fredie meet me Saturday morning at 9:00am, we went over how to build the new motor. The following Tuesday Mike in service call me to tell me he had taken both motors apart, that there was nothing in the old motor he wanted to use, but the other motor way in good shape and that there would be no charge for disascembly or inspection. I went over with him how to build the new motor and Mike had several good ideas also.

I told Fredie that I had a trip in 2 weeks, he said it would be done. Durning the 2 weeks Mike called me 4 times with questions on how I wanted things done and to give me up dates. I also called Fredie several times, he was harder to get ahold of, but I always found him within a day or two. Chris in parts was also helpfull, but I found that it was better to call him back than to wait for him to return my call.

Mike called me 10 days from the start to tell me the motor was done, 4 days earlier than promisted. Thats not bad for a big bore kit, ported head, valve job, all new parts in the trans. and that was starting with an old stock motor.

I came out that Saturday with my 2 boys to pick up the motor. Fredie told me he wasn't charging for the new rod. He also gave me a new seat cover, graphics kit and gave me and the boys tee shirts.

I think that was really good service and a very fair deal on a motor that he didn't have to stand behind.(it was 2 years old) After the first trip I had tuning questions and Mike was very helpfull answering them, Chris also shiped some other parts I had ordered.

Even after hearing and reading the bad posts about XR's Only I would go back to them any time. Soon I'm going to have them build the motor on my XR600. Do they have problems, I don't know. I buy parts from about 4 different shops in So. Cal., two shops I know the parts managers really well, one shop I know the owner. They seem to have the same problems as XR's Only. I also run my own bussiness and know how hard it is to please everyone all the time. Things happen that are sometimes out of our controil.

see now there customer service changes quite often, first time i ordered was for my ims tank where i live compared to xrs only i got the tank the very next day cause they sent it out the same day, second time i ordered it took 2 months to get my light kit they said they had it and kept coming up with some damn excuse didnt have my address didnt have the right city said i didnt pay (payed the first day i ordered) so its 50/50 if i was ordering something i was iffy about fitting for the xr i would call xrs only first if not than i would rather go somewhere else

I have ordered about 800 dollars worth of parts from them over the last year. I have had nothing but trouble with them. I call and talk to them, they make a bunch of promises, and then nothing happens. It's like they know they have parts that no one else has, and dont care about customers. I am dealing with the 34mm keihin carb kit right now that looks like it doesnt have the right cable. I called Xr's only for advice and all they said is "we'll look into it". I am not expecting a call back....

Not a lot of help to people that are too far away but If you can, just drive to the shop. I went there today with a list of parts and they pulled them right away. I guess they didnt have the oil temp gauge in stock that I needed but they put one together for me while I waited. No complaints here.

geoff ballard at XR's ONLY in australia are A1 to deal with FWIW.

I ordered some stuff from them and had to call back for a tracking # with UPS. Items did arrive on time. Another time, I needed a part the next day, and the guy actually left the shop to take it to UPS. I did get the part the next day. It may depend on who you talk to there when you order.

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