Exhaust: GYTR insert vs. Open Pipe

I have an 02 WR426. I run the stock exhaust with the pea shooter removed, which makes it really loud but awesome power. I bought the GYTR insert in an attempt to quiet it down, only $40 why not.

I am a jetting noob but I realize I probably need to change the jetting to make it work properly. When I tested the insert without any carb modification, I loved how much quieter the bike was but the power was screwed. The bottom end felt like a stock XR400, very sluggish and slow to rev. It had what felt like a misfire in the middle. The top end was still nice, felt the same as before.

My question is, will jetting it properly keep the power the same as w/o the insert, or will I be sacrificing some power still?

my '03 450 runs with stock exhaust. I bought it without the stock insert, and a friend had a GYTR insert for me. The bike seems to run fine here in MI with it. a few of the free mods are done... just not the grey wire one. I don't feel the bike is choked at all, but I'm still a "noob" so the power it has now is plenty for me. in a few years I may desire more, so I look forward to that!

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