Baja Designs LED tail light and the 650L

I'm looking for examples of the rear fenders you guys are using to mount the BD LED tail lights to on the 650L's out there that are using this light. Has anybody got any pictures and/or tips on which fenders work best or which ones to stay away from? I going to do the LED conversion including turn signals and was just looking for input on this subject.

i have the baja designs kit with LED turns and brake light on my 650R, im sure the fenders are a little diffornt so it might not help you much. The kit is great through! works wonderfully and the LED's show up way better.

click to enlarge.

xr400 front/crf450 rear. since these pics i raised the tip of the rear. looks really good.



the xr400 front not on in these pics either.

How clean an installation is this (wiring, modifications to stock or aftermarket parts)? Did you have to mess with the subframe to install the CRF450 fender?


no. its very clean if done with patience. all i had to do was reroute the harness along the subframe tube, no biggie here. then just start cuttin, test fit, cut some more and retest fit until it looks right and bolt er up! lreally improved the pigs looks. the xr400 front fender was really easy. just have to shim down the fender at the 2 rear bolt holes to clear the header. no more sat in the sun too long looking front fender!

looks better than stock, but i'm not a big fan of the broke dick fender look!LOL

looks better than stock, but i'm not a big fan of the broke dick fender look!LOL

LOL u mean the stock one HEHEH why do they put such hideous looking fender/license plates on about every bike stock??

ya. you seen any of the china bike fenders??? PUKE!

I have the stock 650r fender and got an LED replacement for the incandescent bulb. It is a brake/tail combo and is incredibly bright for how small it is. It came from wheelin cycle supply online. It totally eliminated the need for a big ugly fender add on.

Wasn't too hard to do fit through the middle of the frame. Going to get a new seat to rid of the gap. Or maybe a new tool bag. Cheaper:thumbsup:

jbird, is that just a maier universal mx fender or what is it called?

jbird, is that just a maier universal mx fender or what is it called?

I'm pretty sure it's this one:

I did have to take my Dremel tool to the back side. There was a lip that hung down and covered part of the tail light and I ground it down. Very easy to do and hard to mess up. It's not visible because you look down on top of the

fender when it's installed and the tail light covers it up.

You can probably get the fender cheaper than Dennis Kirk from the TT store or another place. I like dealing with DK and don't mind paying a little more for their excellent service.

I spent the weekend putting on the Maier and the BD led tail light as well as some cateye signals and an LED flasher. Then I put on the Krause Racing TiMoly sprockets and Smartring chain. I remedied the no speedometer problem encountered with the inverted front end with an ICO VRL dualsport speedo/odo also. Quite a productive weekend for me.



Wow thats funny, I just put the same setup on mine last Saturday. Maire Fender and BD led lamp. Ill post pics as it looks EXACTLY like yours RockJockey. I even hid the top 2 bolts under the Honda bag and the same placed back 2 bolts.

Awesome looking job Rock! How did you do your front end? What forks are those and how did you do the triple clamps?

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