Radiator guards WR426

I go the thumper guards after reading the posts here on ThumperTalk. They are very strong.

I tried DeVol they don't have anything for a WR426. Do you have the WR426

E-mail Mike Shown at www.flatlandracing.com and see if he has anything made yet or what years will fit your bike. He may have something is stock for you.

These are the same guards Thumper racing sells (he makes them for Thumper and then thumper puts their name on them)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

Has anyone found good radiator guards for a WR426 yet? I called a few places and they said that they do not have anything for the 2001 WR. Will guards for a 2000 WR400 fit or a 2000/2001 YZ fit. I want a set that will bolt to the frame.

I just ordered the Devol radiator gaurds for my 01 wr426. white brothers carry them. I have also ordered works connection braces for additional rear support so there is less chance of the radiators getting folded back. I should have them in about a weeks time, I will repost if there are any problems.


I received the braces mentioned above today. The rep at white brothers told me that a lot of guys were running this combo without a problem and that they would bolt right up. this wasnt the case. i discovered that this combo wont work unless you modify the the rear "works connection" brace. the way i did it, was to cut slots in the works brace. to do this, you need to mount the works brace with only the gas tank mount bolt. then mount the devol brace without the brackets or legs. once this is done, you need to take the devol mounting "leg" (as they call it) and line it up to the rear radiator mount bolt. take a pencil and mark the works brace where the leg should go through. with a drill, drill holes on either end of you marks. then take a die grinder and grind the top and bottom line. mount the works brace and devol leg. you should be able to figure out the rest if you have gotten this far. you will need to get a longer lower shroud bolt and a nut to mount through the devol bracket,(you dont use the radiator louvres with the devol gaurd, all though the discription in the wb catalog said they did). this combo looks and feels rock solid. good luck!


p.s. I should have known better, when i asked

the same guy if they stocked the k&n air filter for the 426, he told me they didnt. I even gave him the manufacturer number for it. the next day when i was ordering more goodies for my wr, i asked the same question, and within half a minute i had a new filter on the way. that should have been a red flag!

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