WR450 tail light connector parts

I am rewiring an improperly connected brake light switch on my dual-sported 03 WR450 and wonder if anyone knows where I can get my hands on the male blade crimp-ons that are found on the stock wiring harness (plug) side of the tail light connector. The tail light socket itself is female with three conductors: blue, yellow, and black. Blue is the hot lead for the tail light, black is ground, and yellow is the hot lead for the brake light. The wiring harness only has two conductors, blue for the tail light and black for ground. I want to add the third conductor to the gray plug on the wiring harness and can't find any of the male blades for the plug. Anyone know where I can find them or have a part number for them?

i've been looking for something similar for my 07 wr450

Okay - done some looking around on exactly this topic recently. The connectors (FRS type) and various required bits can be gotten from these guys here. Matthew was very quick in coming back to me with details. They come in packs of 50 (male and female) at USD17.99/pack. Part number is 34-9295 & 34-9296

Great, thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. The 34-9295 male pin is the one I need. Also known as FRS-101. Thanks again.

Update: I received a package of these connectors and they do not fit the tail light connector on my 03 WR450. The shape is right but the blade is too wide. I'll probably use a file and alter the profile until it fits since I only need one of them and can't return an opened package.

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