Wheels wheels and more wheels...need help

Alright guys, I will try this one again because my last posting came up with nothing. I have a 89 600r. I bought the bike a couple weeks ago and had a cracked front rotor and rim. So I bought one online which ended up having a good rotor and a cracked rim. Not doing so well on these rims. :ride: Anyways what do you think is the best way to fix this? Weld it up? Does anybody make aftermarket rims and spikes for this year? I just got the bike registered and the rest of the parts....alls I need now is a good rim...Anybody?:thumbsup:

Isn't it the same as the later XR600's? 36 hole 1.60x21 rim right? Maybe the spoke nipples are a little different or something.

You can try welding it, but usually another crack will form in short order. Unless the crack is at the original weld, it caused by metal fatigue. It's usually spread out on the whole rim.

I am not sure if they are they same. I looked at excels catalog and they are for I think 93 and newer only. They don't make anything before that. I think its because you have to use the larger spokes for the excel and the hub before 93 are smaller. I found one for sale near by so I will try and return the last one. Can anybody else shed some light the the aftermarket rims?


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