xr650l oil temp?

Does any body know what temperature range the oil shold be on a 2001 650L?? Or should not exceed what number?? Found my old temp dipstick in the garage last night and forgot the numbers. Thanks.

Where in CA are you? im in the desert and ive seen up to 275 this summer, but normal riding is about 225-250. Do you have stock tank with shrouds? They help air flow to engine.

im with denn as far as temps on mine. i dont have the shrouds though.

i live in the bay area, south of sfo...the 225 deg temp sounds right...does not have the stock tank and so far oil temp has gone to just under 200 deg. thanks all for the replies

lol your good to go in SF area its always cool air there. Us desert bums are hurting when its like 108.

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