Head work 04 yz450f

Its that time I am having a kid and am forced to rebuild rather than replace I was wondering where the best place for parts is and to what extent I should go when rebuilding the time bomb I have re shimed my valves 3 times and its time to do some peventative maintaince. don't get me wrong the old girl still runs like a dream but I want to keep it that way.......... I want the best bang for my buck ???



You'll need:

2 outer intake valves

1 center intake

2 exhaust valves

3 intake guide seals

2 exhaust guide seals

3 intake valve springs

2 exhaust valve springs

Timing chain

head gasket

ignition cover gasket

You'll need to have the valve seats resurfaced by a competent machine shop the does YZF heads as part of its normal business.

You may also want to go ahead and replace the rings at the same time. You should have the cylinder refinished with a spring ball hone only enough to break the glaze, and in a crossing pattern. This will ensure a near immediate seat of the rings.

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