Are spacers needed for using Talon hubs???

I purchased a set of talon hubs/excels for my 426 from ebay. Front fits perfect within the front fork with no spacers needed. But the Rear it almost seems as there is a spacer missing for each side. With the stock hub and spacers there is little to no spacing between the hub assy and the swingarm but with this Talon hub there is like 1/8 inch on each side. I tried just tightining the axle bolt to draw the gap closed but no joy! It will not tighten far enough. The rear axle still has 1/16 of an inch or so exposed allowing the wheel to have play side to side. Any insight is welcome.:thumbsup:

I have talons front and rear and spacers for both. They are different than stock spacers. I have 06 450 so hope this hekps but yes, I believe you will nedd spacers

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