Just a few pics

I absolutely love this bike! Thought I'd show her off! 07'









Nice looking bike and Husky mirrors!:thumbsup:

I do not get it?...:thumbsup:

CLEAN! :thumbsup:

Maybe a little TOO clean... :thumbsup:

Yes it's too clean. I have not had a chance to get her off the road and get dirty. They turned my favorite riding trails into a paved bicycle trail(no Mc/atv). It was an old rail line that runs from Youngstown all the way north to Lake Erie. That line was the access to all the other trails that branched off the line. So I figured I'd take some pictures before I go to our spot in West Virginia.

Sweet scoot!! :thumbsup:

BTW, kinda off topic, you on falfiles as well?


It's been a while since I've been to the Files. FALs are my favorite. Can't stand for that FF from Denton,Texas (DABTL)

Manchu, I was looking at your garage pictures and was wondering how hard was it to put that Acerbis gas tank on? I've read a few threads on ADV about putting it on and looked like you have to move that Rectifier/regulator around?

It was actually rather easy once I figured out what to do with the front turn indicators. I just moved the bracket up one hole, so essentially putting the top bolt through the bottom hole on the stock bracket, then canted the indicators upwards slightly about 15-20 degrees.

Also, once I did this I noticed that the bottom bolts were protruding from the triple tree enough to gouge the tank when turned full lock to the left and right. So I swapped those bolts with two of the bolts on the lower clamp of the triple tree.

I don't know if any of this made sense, I got pics if you need 'em. I didn't find a need to re-locate the rectifier. The tank slipped right on and bolted up no problem.

Thanks Manchu, Yes I understand. Maybe I'll send a message when I get my tank ordered.:thumbsup:

Nice Street Bike... Get it dirty please....

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