Clutch Be Gone!!!

I put in a new Hinson clutch basket in my 01 426 last year and it fell apart on me yesterday!!!!:thumbsup: I put lock-tite on the threads but they must of worked lose somehow. I am not to happy with the way you have to rig it to get it to fit and I now have to split the cases to find all the little bits of metal that are sure to be at the bottom of my case. I'll see how much damage is done as I get into it. What I would like to know is what baskets will fit my 426? Will a 01 yz250 work? How about any 450? Hope you guys can help, Thanks.:thumbsup:

If you're talking about complete assemblies, the only one that fits is the '01-'02 YZ426 unit (PN 5JG-16150-10-00)

I've installed or owned several Hinson baskets. Never had one loosen up.

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