Are the service DVDs on Ebay any good?

I am looking for a good service manual for my 2003 WR450F. I have the online version of the Owners Manual from the Yamaha Australia. I am a complete beginner when it comes to motorcycle maintenaince and nervous the online manual may not be enough for a newbie. Subsequently I don't have a garage full of motorcycle tools just the normal basics plus some mountain bike tools.

Has anyone tried those service DVDs on sale on Ebay? Are they any good and easy to follow?

I want to learn how to change my fork oil, replace fork seals, grease the rear linkage, and grease the swingarm(yes, I know there is a "how to" in the faq, but seeing a movie would be even better for me).

Or is there another book or manual that would be better than the online Owners Manual?

Okay so I did a search on the Ebay DVD video producers and found out there is a fair bit written about them on TT. Plus I watched the sample video and it looks pretty good. I am also interested in their bike setup videos.

Does anyone have any of these videos they are willing to sell? If so then PM me.

I have heard many good things about those videos and no bad things.

If you bought three of them that would be about as much as 1-2 hours of mechanics time at a motorcycle shop. Seems like a good investment to me.

I have one and found it very informitive . Clear and easy to watch.

i picked up the service dvd yami manuel. the add said 03 -05. I got robbed! it only had the 03. lots of things are the same for both, but lots are not:cry:

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