YZ426 '00 help needed broken engine

Hi all

i found the problem on my bike and im not sure how worried to be

the gear to run the counter weight was broken but i have chipped a couple of other gears in the process. that part i can live with (maybe until i see the bill for the replacement parts)

what i need help with is there are 2 ball bearing looking things in the block and one was failry damaged. do i need to worry about this? what are they for? and if they are of great concern is it repairable or do i need to replace the block????

i will try to attach a pic but not sure how i will go

sorry about using rapidshare.......can anyone suggest somewhere else i can host the pic?????




that is your oil pump. the way it looks in your pic, you should probably replace it. you can get one at the TT Store. I just looked it up for your bike and its around 75 dollars. relatively cheap considering it's importance.


completey agree....didnt realise it was a removable part. i thought is was a part of the block...i will look it over again today and order one this week......

thanks for the pricing but im in sydney australia....not gonna be cheap over here

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