Valve oil seals


I am needing to replace my valve oil seals this winter because of oil smoke when the motor is cold/first start-up in the morning. My question is can I make sure all of the valves are closed and put compressed air in the cylinder and remove the valve springs and related items and replave the seals that way? I have done this on small block chevys before and was just wornding if anybody else has or know if it can be done. Thanks for any guidence.


Sounds like a nice trick. I guess it depends on the air pressure vs. the spring tension. A quick estimation of the forces says it should work, but it could take 80 to 100 psi. If not there is a tool designed just for this task.

I don't consider replacing valve seals due to a little smoke at startup to be a "need" it is a "want" unless it's really bad. Does it do anything bad to the engine?

U can use a hose from a compression tester kit. Thread into spark plug hole and use 90 psi shop air. I do this @ work to change valve seals or springs. I thought about doing this on an 88 xr600r that I picked up for a loaner bike. It proved difficult do to the clearance between the frame tube and the head. I ended up pulling the head quick which was super easy and used a chrysler/mitsubishi valve tool that worked great. It has long bolts that threaded into the head and compressing portion slides on the frame work. Just what I had to use. I'm sure a motorcycle/car valve compressor will work just as well. BTW I figured what the heck and cleaned the head well and replaced the valves with some kimble whites just to complete the project. The valves worked geat and were cheap compared to the honda one's:applause: Good luck and I hope this helps.:thumbsup:

i have also heard of putting a rope in through the spark plug hole with the piston down and then move piston to top and that works also with out any damage cuz the rope is soft and any strands just blow out exhaust.

either the rope or the comp. air willl work.

Thanks for all of the replies. I also posted this on another site and got the same eresponse as cleonard gave that it is not really a need, but a want. It just seems alittle embarassing when I start it up in the morning after a night of work and it lookes like I am fogging for mesquitoes. I'll just wait until a problem arises, or I want to do a big bore kit or something. Again thanks for all the advice. This site rocks.

just think about the extra top end lubrication!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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