Rekluse clutch DOESNT WORK...Please help me!!!

I purchased the rekluse auto clutch for my 426 and I am having serious issues getting it to work properly. The first time I installed it the clutch slipped excessively so I reduced the installed gap and tried again with the gap set at .034 in. and the clutch would drag so much the bike would stall every time i clicked it into gear. I called rekluse and went over cable slack adjustments, assembly procedure etc. and never resolved the issue. I sent the clutch to them and they inspected my drives and frictions and said to replace them which I did and reinstalled the clutch again to find that the problem had not gone away. The instructions say to remove a stock drive and friction plate and insert an .o55 plate under the top most friction plate and on top of an .047 drive plate. If you do this the installed gap ends up being on the order of .4 in!!!!!! According to the directions you end up with 7 friction plates and 7 drives plates (two under the top most friction plate). In this configuration the bike will not stall but will never engage. I then installed the stock friction (8) and drive plates (8) with an .055 and an .047 under the top friction and the installed gap was .031 in but the bike stalls in gear immediately and the clutch is fully engaged all the time regardless of cable slack adjustments.

Please help.....Ive wasted monthes of riding and over $600 bucks on this thing and it doesnt work. I have contacted rekluse many times and still havent resolved the issue.

i'd try to find someone in your area with rekluse experience to take it to because i've been running these clutches for yrs and have installed them on freinds bikes also and have never had any trouble as you describe,i'm sure your just missing something or have one of the parts installed wrong:excuseme:

It has been a while since I put mine in but mine went in according to their instructions the first time and works great. I'm just guessing but when you say it is slipping have you reduced the stall speed. You may have the spring adjusted wrong so it won't engage soon enough. Also, did you soak the fibers overnight before installing them? They can be pretty sticky until they get lots of oil on them. Somebody closer to you probably has the same set up and could fix it for you in an hour.

Try this when you click it in gear and it stalls. Reach down to the lever on the case that the external adjuster spring is attached to and pull a little harder in the same direction that the spring is putting tension and shift into gear. If it works and doesn't stall then you can try adjusting the nut tighter or get a stronger spring.

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