Have Dr D flywheel- quick question

My Dr. D flywheel and puller came in. I have an air impact wrench (two of them, actually! :thumbsup: ). I've done the search and know that the threads are regular, know how to block the wheel for removal/installation, etc.

Quick question is- will I be reusing the woodruff key?

Just want to make sure I have all my parts in line before I take the bike apart.

Yes, you can reuse the woodruff key :thumbsup:

Well, that seemed too easy. I must've done something wrong.:thumbsup:

I just laid the bike over on its side, loosened the cover, and gently removed it- no gasket tears anywhere. Popped the nut off with my official Yamaha/Snap-On/Hester's Yamaha/Rockstar (:worthy: ) impact wrench. Came right off, no problem. Used my Dr. D. flywheel removal tool ($11.99) and POW!, the old flywheel was in my hand. Wiped the shaft, installed the new one, checked the fit, put the stick in the wheel, torqued it to 45 ft/lbs (a little extra to make up for gear lash, wheel movement, etc). Put the cover back on, torqued the bolts down. Started the bike (2nd kick, even after laying on its side), let it warm up. No leaks. No funny noises. Rode it a few minutes on my turning practice track. Checked- no leaks, no funny noises. Rode 15 minutes. No leaks, no funny noises. All seems well.

15 minute impressions are all positive. I went with the medium Dr. D weight after talking about it with them (GREAT customer communication!!!). First impressions were how much more controllable the initial hit is. Low speed wheelies (like, "over the log" wheelies) are so much nicer. Traction in my dry, dusty and slick turning track is lots better- it seems to stay "in the traction" longer, hooks up faster and smoother, less rear end sliding. It'll pull 2nd gear better where it previously stalled. So far, I have NO complaints, but just two :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You're right, that was too easy. Take it apart and try again. :thumbsup: My flywheel swap on my 06 went the same way, glad it worked out for ya :thumbsup:

You're right, that was too easy. Take it apart and try again. :thumbsup:

How would I know it was right the second time? :thumbsup:


Looking forward to really riding the bike sometime soon!

I changed one in 10 minutes once on a bet. It was easy.

I wish everything was that easy on every bike. Nice and easy mod.

How would I know it was right the second time? :thumbsup:

If things go wrong you'll know you did it right :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I might be the guy who jacked his up! I put on a 12oz weight on my 426 and all went well but when I put the flywheel back on I had the good old impact wrench out and I just put it on tightly. I took it out for a ride and all was great but I'm not sure how much pressure I put on it (I think more than 45lbs) and I wanted to know if that is a big deal and if so how would I know it's too tight? Thanks!!

The only way to find out would be to open it back up and re-tighten the nut using a torque wrench. You're probably fine, I wouldn't worry about it too much if it were me.

Do those nuts ever spin off by themselves? I was surprised at how easily it came loose with the Yamaha/Snap-on impact wrench. Nice tool- I've used it a bunch.

Had some damp ground today, but I rode the KX instead of Big Blue.

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