Starter turning but not engaging?

I put a new starter in my '03 WR450 with the '04 upgrades (old one died). The starter is spinning fine, but it doesn't seem to be engaging, or should i say turning the engine over. Sometimes it will catch and it sounds as it should, and the bike fires up. Other times you hit the button and release quickly and you get nothing, nothing nothing and it catches and then nothing. ***! Is there any way i could have put it back together wrong or missed something? I'm pretty sure this isn't the case.The kickstart still gets her going but the button would be nice to use again.



Did you take of the magneto and replace the starter clutch and the starter clutch drive gear or did you just replace the starter assembly?

If the starter is turning but not engaging its probably the starter clutch that is donald ducked.

Take of the flywheel and check the starter clutch and drive gear, instructions are in the manual or you can find them in the online manual.

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