How to carry some oil?

Ok so my pig likes to eat a little oil from time to time...especially when it's hot out. I am going on a long trip tomorrow so I was considering bringing a small funnel and a half quart or so along just in case. Does anyone have a suggestion on what type of container I should use? Something that will save space i.e. not the entire quart and will not leak.


One of those nalgene bottles would work. They are made from a Lexan material and the lids don't leak. And they are cheap at any of the outdoors type stores.

They make 8 ounce water bottles that I've filled with oil before just to have a smaller bottle. As far as filling, I then use one of those spouts that come with gear oil bottles. It will fit the water bottle (they also fit a regular oil bottle too).

Get the smallest gatorade bottle. They now make very small ones for kids and such. They are thick plastic and hold up well. To save space I carry some scrap laminated cardboard that I can roll up into a funnel.

All good ideas, thanks.

I ended up using a small Evan Williams 750ml bottle, wrapped in a beer koozie to prevent breakage, it works for now.

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