New Parts For My Bike!look!

well my friends i decide to keep my stock silver excels instead of throw money to buy colored new.and i decide to get some parts withy that money!so here we go...........

16092007.jpgget rid my old tires first(pirelli mt 320)

and these are my new tyres!metzeler wheels are in a very good shape so i thin i ve done good and kept them!i like colored rims but i ride in the dirt so its a shame to see them scratched and crying my money!have anyone of you truy metzeler mc4?opinions?



next a renthal 48 tooth.i think the best in the market?


a did chain non oring motocross ert.good choice i think


and a k&n filter


my beast is sleeping.............


All good choices IMO. I would have personally gone for an o-ring chain, but I ride more offroad. The sprocket is a great choice, and Ive never heard much bad about them. As far as the tires, Ive never used them, but people seem to really like Metzeler tires.

and is ready to have these parts and roll to the dirt..............:thumbsup:


With the K&N, make sure you keep it properly maintained and use rim grease.

in a couple of days i think i post photos of her dressed


With the K&N, make sure you keep it properly maintained and use rim grease.

yes i think that the filter requires good maintenance and careful grease to set properly!i would like better to have a twin air but the store i buy tell me that only the k&n was in the market for my i had to buy it

Use a twin air.

After you run the k&n, look inside the airboot. It will be full off dust, no matter how well you prep it.

Tires look good!

really?full of dust?i thought k&n was a serious company!:thumbsup:

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