2004 WR450F JD Jet Kit

Hey guys, I am getting my dirt-bike jetted by a friend for the first time. I am a newbie when it comes to carbs so please bare with me. I am just wondering if this is the correct kit when it comes to jetting?


And more importantly, does this kit have everything i'll need?

Thank You


That's the one, though I'll bet you can get it cheaper through the TT Store. You may need a new pilot jet, leak jet and perhaps a starter jet that are not included. You can get those from your local bike shop. Check out the jetting database in the Performance Index...SC

thanks bro, the reason i am finally getting my bike jetted is because when i go to full-throttle, my bike wants to quit. It is not rpm related, i don't believe it is spark related, it is definately fuel related. When i am at 3/4 throttle, it runs like a champ, but not at full throttle.

my buddy believes it is a clogged main jet, or something to that effect!

Definitely check the LEAK JET, I had one hell of a time getting rid of the infamous 'off idle bog'. I was focused on the main, pilot and needles and everything else. Turns out it had a #70 Leak Jet installed, I followed the recommended #40 Leak jet and the problem finally appears to be solved. I won't know for sure until I get it out on the trails but it looks promising.

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