should I sell the '01 426 and get an '06 450?

I go to the track almost every weekend and go to ocotillo 3 or 4 times a year. The 426 is a great bike with a lot of hit nad very versatile but its aptitude at the track is not up there with other bikes. I am planning to race mx this winter. From what I have read it seems like the 06 450 was a very good year. I rode my buddies the other day and it felt lighter and more nimble than my 99 RM250. For these reasons I am considering selling the 426 and get the 06 450. The red sticker is not an issue with me as any green sticker riding can be done with the RM. The 06 450's seem to be going for ~$4200 to $4500 right now. So any input/advice here would be greatly appreciated.

I have an '06 and i love it!! My buddy from work went from a '00 426 to an '06 450 and he said it was night and day....and he said it was hard to get rid of his 426 because it was a great bike and he never had any problems with it. In the end, he was glad he did it!

Get the 06, I have an 07 and have ridden an 01 426, dont cheat yourself, get the 06!!!

I have a friend in SC that has a 426 and has said in the past he will never get rid of it. 6 weeks ago he rode my 06 and decided to get one. He found a slightly used 06 and bought it. Now he reports that the 06 does not tire him out as much and he can ride longer. His riding is 70% motocross 30% trails.Now there is a 4sale sign on his 426.

The only thing stopping me from selling my '04 and moving to an '06 or '08 is $$$. Ain't that always the case? :thumbsup:

If you can afford it, do it. '01 to '06 is a significant jump.

YES! I just recently moved up from and 04 YZ450 to a 07 YZ450. Great bike, I ride 100% motocross and now i can ride much longer without fatigue taking effect. It also seems that i had to work much harder for similar laps times on my 04.

As far as the 06 being better than the 07, i couldn't argue saying one was better than the other. I rode every manufactures 06's and 07's, before making my choice to stick with Yamaha. That's three in a row, new record for me, 02,04, and 07. Good luck and Good Riding!

I would. The '03-'05 450's feel (and are) quite a bit lighter and handle significantly better than a 426. The '06 is a quantum step above that yet.

Keep your eye out and bargain hard with the seller. I found an '06 last week that had been ridden exactly twice, and was in near showroom condition for $3800.

I came off an 00 426 to an 06 and I couldn't be happier. I still miss the 'ol 426, but the 06 is a stellar bike and you won't be sorry!

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