XR650L Height


As I approach the one month to go point of chasing bad guys in a shitty place, I'm daydreaming more and more about getting a dual sport when I get back to Wisconsin. Unless there is a late-breaking announcement from Honda or Yammie about a large bore DS, I'll be searching for a XR650L. I need the plate for ATV trails and the passenger pegs to give my three girls rides.

I've got a Top Hat fiberglass cover on a 12' Triton Elite snowmobile trailer. I'm hoping that I can make this work for a BRP. If somebody could zip me the height, in inches, of the highest point on the XR650L, sans mirrors, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks much, Steve D.

The highest point on mine is right at about 50-inches.

As a side note, I was in the same boat as yourself. For about the last half of my tour I spent all available free time trying to research the 650cc DS bikes, and everything kept pointing me towards the L.

Good luck.

If you get the fold away dual sport mirrors you can shave off several inches.


I take my R in a van once in a while,and to make it a little easier i'll strap a tie down from the bottom of the fork to the handlebar then give it a good yank .That can take about 4" off the front.

good choice and good luck!

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