Edelbrock float question(maybe)

I have a 93 xr650l. Uncorked, full yoshi exhaust, uni filter with no engine mods. I have put a used edelbrock carb on and the bike has run rich since I have got it. Original owner was running the 17 needle. I have dropped to the 16 tested, still rich. Now I have dropped to the 15 and the bike runs great at idle, pulls great, but if I maintain a speed about 50-70 plus for length of time the engine will start to bog like it is running rich. I did take the carb apart and cleaned it a couple weeks ago. At this point I am assuming that I need to adjust the float level. Am I on the right track? If so how much do I adjust the float and wich way? I did do a search but could not find my answer. Thanks

Amazing. I starved the carb by two clicks today, ran it down the freeway, and bog sputtered ran like Sh#t. I was out of gas so I stopped and filled up. Then it dawned on me that after reading a thread on this website about there being no difference in running premium to reg unleaded gas, I had put 89 octane in last fill. Filled it with premium 91 went back down the highway and wa la. Ran like a dream. Held 80-85 for extended periods with no hesitation what so ever. Running 14-48 with the dirt wheels so it gets a little buzzy high speed so I did not get crazy. Now I need to richen by a click because idle is wandering from being to lean at idle. High octane seems to be required.

And my gas milage sucked!!

thats all i ever run. you can tell a difference as you found out.

i wonder if you had some bad gas cuz ive used both with no difference noticeable, it is only a 8.3-1 comp which is pretty low compression engine. Glad your good to go now though.

i swear mine seems a little rougher running on 87.

Compression isn't the only thing that leads to premature detonation (pinging): high engine temps could cause problems too and higher octane will help with that.

i swear mine seems a little rougher running on 87.

I too seem to notice a slight difference. so I just run the higher stuff also.

Noticed that on this new tank of gas the bogging at high speed started happening again. Seems to be happening when the tank is getting 3/4 empty. I went in to the carb and adjusted the float level. Raised the float level just a little. Did not add any gas, did not do anything but adjust the float level. Ran it down the freeway basicly on reserve. Worked. No issues. I think that solved the issue!

You adjusted which way? higher more full in bowl OR lower level(less fuel)?

I adjusted higher, so there was more fuel in bowl. Bike was starving for fuel after keeping throttle open for extended periods of time.

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