Ceramic Coated Piston/Head

Over this winter I am considering ceramic coating the cylinder head and piston crown. I have done this with race engines (sprint cars) in the past and have had good results. Has anyone had experience with this in a bike? In the cars it lowered the water temp almost 50 degrees and provided a bit more power on the seat of the pants dyno. I also had the headers coated and noticed a significant decrease in radiated heat.

It would be interesting to see the results!

I would be more inclined to just do the exhaust, but hey, might as well go all the way!

What does something like that usually cost?

Finally a juicy Technical subject.:thumbsup:

I think you should do it and give us a detailed report on the process! :thumbsup:

I think it is a great idea. I understand the piston coating but I would love to see how the process goes for the cylinder head. I am guessing a valve job would be in order at the same time to maximize your investment into the head.

Please post pictures detailing the process and give cost information. You would be our hero!:thumbsup:

This is standard practice in most race cars. You can even do it yourself. When I re-do my 400 I'm going to try it. How about you do it first and let us all know how it works.

Update time. Coated the piston crown with ceramic and skirt with moly, combustion chamber with ceramic and rest of head with heat dispersant, head pipe inside and out with ceramic. Under a hundred bucks for the works. Engine runs noticably cooler and the headpipe was definately the best part of this whole deal as it has really cut down the radiant heat towards the radiator. I will get some actual temp readings in the near future. Performance Coatings in Kent, WA is the place to go. Cleaned up the valves, replaced the timing chain and bumped the compression up to 13.5 to 1. Big difference in torque.

Great stuff Bob!!! Great to hear the good news.

Pretty cheap to do it also!

Does your e-start still work ok?

So far no problems. Looks like it's going to be a perfect weather day tomorrow so I'll be putting it through the ringer.

That's the best way to be! :crazy:

Ran it in the 72nd Annual Cowbell Enduro today and it was waaaay better than the rider.:worthy: Managed a 7th place finish though. The header pipe coating is definitely worth the money, no more cherry red!

Ive done the exhaust coatings from Performance Coatings on bikes,snowmboiles and atv's. works great. have to get the wr exhaust done this winter.

thanks for reminding me of the benefits

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