Crushed my exhaust today...

Yup, leyed my bike down in the sand today, and my head pipe bent up, and kinked the pipe where it curves.:thumbsup: Im looking for the most affordable, strongest headpipe out there. Any suggestions? Its an 03' 450 by the way.


How bad is it dented?

Another TT member filled his dented pipe with water and put it into the freezer. When the water (ice) expanded it took most of the dent out. :thumbsup:

Mike :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

well i dont no about the cheapest but on my 06 yz 450 i have the dr.D and its very strong. for example today i took off my swingarm to grease everthing, also took off the front forks so as you can see i just got a frame and a motor on the stand. well the bike fell off and landed right on the header ( about a 3 foot drop) and it make a mark on the header but dident dent it or crush it at all. so im very happy with the dr. D

well, its beyond home repair, its crushed, not dented. But i found the gytr stainless steel header and its only $131, are they pretty strong?

Maybe the Powerbomb...

check ebay

last year i got a GYTR Titanium for 60$ shipped

just picked up another GYTR stainless for 55$ shipped about 6 months ago...

just shop around and you can find a deal

I bought one off of ebay for my 06 was like $120. You can probably get a head pipe for an 03 cheaper though.

10 bucks for a header lol seems too good to be true

Yeah..kinda. You never know though. I bought my header for like 120 bucks and the next week i seen one on there for 80 bucks!

thanks everyone. I am buying one from my local dealer for $150, it came off a new bike back in 03', so its new.:thumbsup:

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