Hard starting 650L

I have a 93 650L that has been hard starting. Seemed to be worse when cold. Some investigation revealed that there is no spark while cranking. It wil spark when the starter button is first pressed and again as it is let go but not while cranking. What's up with that? Any ideas?

1st, take both wires that go to the clutch lever switch and ground them both- this will bypass all crank&run safeties.


if that isnt it, check the stator and cdi unit.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Turns out a tight exh valve was the culprit for the hard starting. I'm still baffled about the spark think though. Could that be a built in thing so you can't overrun the starter by blipping the throttle while it's cranking? Just a thought but it sounds good.

try the safety bypass.

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