Add Eibach springs

Listen up you fat asses!

Need to lose some pounds? Pfft, eat that burger any just get springs for your bike.

I added Eibach .47 springs with 3 washers and cut 3.5 inches of preload tube. The washers and tube come with the springs.The stock springs where @ 22.5inches and the Eibachs where 20 inches. So I added close to a little over 1 inch extra preload to the springs.

The rear spring is also shorter. I removed the rear spring (PITA! I did it from under the seat and removed the air box not a fun task getting the bottom bolt out and the top bolt to the frame wouldnt turn, I had to drill out and replace it) The new spring I added some preload, about 1/2 of what was availible, and put it back on. Whats awesome is when I sat on the bike, I had exactly 4 inches of race sag! NICE!

When I sat on the bike it felt too stiff. Then the test ride came, I was sceptical at first, but as the road miles added up it seemed better and better every foot I rode. Then I took it off road...... One word ......WOW. Huge I mean HUGE difference, it is a different bike. Because of the harder spring rates there is more headshake and it isnt as plush on the little stuff, but I know once I get it dialed in, it will only get better. Unless you are in the weight range of the stock spring rates or if you are a faster aggresive rider, $220 will transfrom the bike for you this upgrade is a MUST!

p.s. Im not fat im big boned :thumbsup:

I want to do the same thing to my 650R this winter. I have 3 questions if you don't mind:

1) What bike to you have?

2) What spring rate did you get for the rear?

3) How much do you weigh?



@ 350 ish :thumbsup:

XR650L :thumbsup:

.47 and 12.5 :thumbsup:

Funny you posted this today. I was looking at doing the same thing. I was looking for the best deal on the springs. So far TT seems to be the front runner. Did you have a better place you could post a link for. I was riding with Husky123 yesterday and quickly realized I need at least new springs. But my seat felt great.

I have the 12.5 in rear & aint stiff enough! knobby ate the rear fender once & cleaned off the tag & light! I need a custom spring or quite eating . the 2nd is cheaper & better for me in long haul!

I changed the front fork springs on my 650R. I left the rear spring alone so far. I'm about 200lbs. I wonder what the average weight of BRP riders really is?

I recently put 5.0's on the front and a 10.5 on the back. They were the same size as stock just more windings. I'm 225lbs on a good day without tools and water. Stiffer springs are available without preloading that much. Just call up a suspension shop. They'll tell you what you need. If it's not available they'll custom cut springs for you. They offered my a $600 price for springs and revalve to get rid of that small bump harshness.

how much were the springs and where did you get em?


$222 @ XR's only, that was the full price with shipping. The where in stock took 2 weeks to get them. It was definatley worth the money and work.

Forks are so darn easy to do, makes no since not to upgrade.

Heavy, what fork oil weight did you use? I am putting new springs in the weekend. Also, how did you come to add one inch to the preload. Did the fork springs come with a chart? Thanks

I used Bel Ray 10w. Factory should be 7w. Also the correct amount is 564cc.

The new springs will be shorter than the factory just measure the springs. There is a clear plastic tube you can cut to make up the difference, thats where you can add preload. I cant thing what it was right now, Im pretty smashed.... had bowling league tonight and drank a few too many.:thumbsup:

Haaaa, Thanks

Great post :worthy:

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