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I am installing Gold Valves in my shock and fork. They are recommending lighter springs at the front and stiffer at the back. I felt the stock front springs were already too soft and the back about right, so I didn't order the springs. Anyone tried them with/without the recommended springs?

You need to be more specific for someone to give you an accurate answer! What is your weight, riding abilities, type of riding, etc, etc! Later,


6'3" 180lb Intermediate. All kinds of riding from motocross to tight trails. I like my suspension a bit on the stiff side to handle the MX. Stock, the forks are a bit soft. That's why I don't want to go to the softer springs that Race Tech is recommending.

I'm not sure where Race Tech gets their specs but at 6-3 and 180# for any kind of medium moto. you will need heavier springs, both ends. Especially using Race Tech Gold valves which will let the bike run through the stroke, to easy, in my opinion.

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