2004 Xr650l Smog Plate

Need your help....can anyone tell me where I can purchase a smog pump block off plate for my 2004 XR650L.

^^^That's the kit I bought. It worked great.

TT store might have em too



tt store

i made my own. that was cheaper. it wasn't too hard. did take about 30 mins.

lets see a pic? not that i cant imagine it in my mind, i'm just curious.

I made my own also. All I did was remove the metal pipes from the front of the engine and cut the pipes off, leaving about a 1/2" of pipe on the flange.

Then I flattened the end of that 1/2" in a vise and brazed the end.

It worked great and didn't cost me anything but a little time.

For the vacuum line I plugged it off. The canister got removed and the hoses going to the breather got removed and the holes plugged off.

Thanks for all the input.Im going to make them myself.Feeling physical withdrawls, need to go riding soon!!!!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

i just cut out a plate that looks like the piece off the tubes... drilled 2 holes for the allen heads and i was done.... it was really easy.. it just needs to block off those 2 holes. it can be a square even... no big fab job... i did it with a grinder and a drill.

I also just put the old ones up on a piece of bar I had layin around, drew an outline, cut/drilled and used silicone gasket sealer and locktite.

Just finished it a couple hours ago actually.

If you can, I'd try and do it myself too because if your buying the kit for insrtuctions, haha forget it, Ive seen the instructions on a friends kit and it was

a worthless half legible copy job. A couple sites online have great pics to follow if you need em.

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