Inverted hot start for thumb

Anyone tried the gytr lever under the bars? The stock set-up is'nt working well for me when holding in the clutch. Not stalling would help I guess.

I simply took the stock one off and fliped it over. It looked a little funny at first but I rode with it last week and really liked it.

Yeah the not stalling would save me too! Hope somebody on here has in put on the GYTR piece, been eyeing too.

Wow, I never ever use the lever. Do you have to use on your bike to get it started after a stall? Mine starts pretty desently without (usually within a couple seconds of cranking at least).

I used the sunline version ( alot less $$$$ ) and had it mounted on the right side for a while as in this pic, but have since moved it to the left side for easier operation. :thumbsup: WR Dave 100_1052.jpg

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